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We offer many different Live Gopher removal services in San Diego such as:
  • Live Gopher Pest Control
  • Gopher Elimination through the use of live traps
  • Gopher Exterminators
  • Gopher Removal Service
  • Mole Exterminators
  • Mole Removal Service
  • San Diego Gopher and Mole Extermination Maintenance plans also available to Residential and Commercial Companies

Our San Diego Gopher Removal Service is just one of the many wildlife services we offer. Some of our other Trapping Services include: Gophers, Squirrels, Snakes, Birds, Fox, Skunks, Mice, Bats, Opossums, Rodents, Raccoons and more. 

The only wildlife animal we do not relocate is a Gopher.

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  • and many more!!!
  • Our Snake Removal Service in San Diego, Ca employs trappers to remove Rattlesnakes from: Alpine, Bonita, Balboa Park, Cardiff By the Sea, Carlsbad, Chula Vista, Corona, Coronado, Crest, Del Mar, Del Sur, Downtown San Diego, San Diego, Encinitas, Escondido, Fallbrook, Greater San Diego Area, Hillcrest, Imperial Beach, Kensington, La Jolla, La Mesa, Lakeside, Lake Elsinore, Lemon Grove, Leucadia, Little Italy, Mira Mesa, Mission Beach, National City, North Park, Ocean Beach, Oceanside, Pacific Beach, Poway, Ramona, Rancho Bernardo, Rancho Penasquitos, Rancho Santa Fe, San Carlos, San Diego, San Marcos, San Diego, Scripps Ranch, Solana Beach, Spring Valley, Sunset Cliffs, Talmadge,  and Vista. 

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    How to tell the Difference between a Gopher and a Mole?

    San Diego Gopher Control and Mole Control Specialists

    Our Specialized Catch em Alive - San Diego Gopher Control, Trapping, and Live Removal Service can rid you of your problematic Gophers and Moles."

    So, whether you need: Live Gopher Trapping in San Diego, Gopher Removal in La Mesa, Or Mole and Gopher Pest Control in Poway.

    Speedy Animal Control will deploy "The Best Live trapping Gopher Pest Control Trappers" in San Diego to your home.

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    The San Diego Pocket Gopher:

    San Diego Gopher Control gopher damage signs

    Our San Diego Gopher Removal Service, Gopher Control and Mole Control Service includes:

    • Inspection and Gopher Control Assessment
    • Setting the appropriate Gopher Removal Trap (s)
    • Removal of live trapped animals
    • According to the CDFw we can not relocate these animals and must euthanize them after we trap them.

    A Preventative Gopher Maintenance Program may be needed to keep those pesky Pocket Gophers or Moles from returning.

    The Pocket Gophers in San Diego vary greatly in size. In some parts, they are  the size and length of your thumb and yet in others, the size of a baseball and up to 8" long. The pocket gophers stuff these "pockets" each time they go up to the surface to feed, then take the food back to their "pantry", and empty them out. Its kind of like a storage facility in their underground tunnels. Unfortunately, not all of Mother Nature's Creatures are nice and cuddly.

    Pocket Gophers are very cute to look at, but ever so dangerous to mess with. These guys will bite you if they get a chance. Gophers can tunnel as little as a couple of inches to several feet down. Gophers create large mounds of dirt on top of the soil.
    If you choose not to have us control your Gophers they will most definitely leave large voids in the ground, so that when you step on them, you fall into their holes, or tunnels.

    Moles in San Diego

    The Moles (Scapanus spp.) in Orange County are small, insect-eating mammals.

    Moles live almost entirely underground in a vast network of interconnecting tunnels. They frequently create shallow tunnels just below the surface where they capture worms, insects, and other invertebrates. They can eat some roots, bulbs, and other plant material, but generally the greatest problem caused by moles is their burrowing, which dislodges plants and dries out their roots. In lawn areas, the mounds and ridges resulting from their burrowing are unsightly and disfiguring.


    Moles have cylindrical bodies with slender, pointed snouts, and short, bare, or sparsely haired tails. Their limbs are short and spade like. Their eyes are poorly developed and their ears are not visible. The fur is short, dense, and velvety. Moles have one litter of three or four young during early spring.

    Mounds and surface runways are obvious indicators of the presence of moles. The mounds are formed when moles push soil up to the surface from underground runways. The excavated soil may be in small chunks, and single mounds often appear in a line over the runway connecting them.

    Surface feeding burrows appear as ridges that the mole pushes up by forcing its way through the soil. Some of the surface runways are temporary. More permanent tunnels are deeper underground and are usually about 2 inches in diameter and 8 to 12 inches below the surface. Moles are active throughout the year, although surface activity slows or is absent during periods of extreme cold, heat, or drought.

    Moles such as this one, cause major havoc and drive us MAD! But don't fear, we can help rid your lawn or hillsides of these pesky Critters.

    What damage do moles do?

    Moles dislodge turf grass plants as they push up through the soil from just below ground level looking for worms, insects, and other invertebrates. Surface feeding burrows appear as ridges. The mounds formed by moles are pushed up from an open center hole. The soil may be in chunks, and single mounds often appear in a line over the runway connecting them.

    Mole prevention and management:

    Trapping is the most dependable method of controlling moles. Various mole traps are available at hardware stores or nurseries. Traps are generally set straddling or encircling the runway. Before setting traps, determine which runways are in current use. Moles dig a system of deep tunnels as well as a network of surface runs that may only be temporary. To determine which ones are active, stamp down short sections of surface runways and observe daily for signs of activity. Set traps at least 18 inches from a mound and only in runways used daily. Deeper tunnels can be located with a probe.

    How to tell the Difference between a Gopher and a Mole:

    The Gopher and the Mole both tunnel just under the surface leaving a void in the ground. One way to tell if you have a Gopher VS a Mole is that the Gophers create mounds of dirt on top of the soil and The Mole leaves something resembling small ridges on the surface of the soil.

    A Gopher as shown in the picture above is a Pocket Gopher. And they can cause major havoc and drive us MAD! But don't fear, we can help rid your landscape of these pesky Gophers and Moles who destroy your lawns, erode your manicured landscape, eat your most prized flowers, destroy crops, kill precious trees and bushes.

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