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Nuisance Wildlife Control-Prices

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Prices vary from one city to another. 

"At Speedy Animal Control, we help out mother nature when no one else will!"

Nuisance wildlife control is a business that requires special wildlife permits, licensing, training and special skills to handle the hazards and risks associated with wild animal control, removal and cleanup.

Our animal control specialists are state-licensed professionals who know how to handle wild, sick, and diseased animals.

We do not post prices online because each job is different. In order to give you a fair price, we need to gather your information, figure out the best course of action, and then provide you with the appropriate price. After all, across the board pricing wouldn't be fair in for people in lower income locations. Besides we enjoy talking to and giving advise to our future customers.

After all, aren't we all just trying to take back our homes in the most humane manner anyway. Well that's what we do.

Please call (619)370-2761 for a no-obligation price estimate.

We give you peace of mind, that you will be animal and pest free for years to come.

We understand that these services may have been provided by the city or county for free years ago, however, the cities and counties no longer have the budget to provide these services, and that's where we come in.

At speedy Animal Control, pride ourselves on Top Notch Service and Fair Pricing.

There are many so called companies doing shoddy work claiming to be "Wildlife Trapping Professionals". Remember, just like any other professional company we have liability insurance, workman's comp insurance, Fleet upkeep, and enormous fuel bills, and all this costs money. So if the bill or quote from another "Pest Control Company" seems much smaller than other quotes you have received, then you know they probably have no insurances and most likely no licensing either.

Keep yourself protected and always ask any company about proof of Licensing...It will protect you in the long run.

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