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San Diego Pest Control and Raccoon Removal

What damage do Raccoons do?

The different types of damage which raccoons are capable of are almost too numerous to mention. In urban environments, raccoons are more than capable of finding homes in uncapped chimneys. Tearing off shingles or fascia in order to gain entrance to an attic or wall void, tearing up lawns in search for grubs and earthworms, destroying gardens, and dumping over trash cans. In attics and wall voids, the build-up of raccoon feces and urine can constitute health hazards to the homeowner. In more rural environments, raccoons can be highly destructive in and around poultry barns.

If a person is ever bit by a raccoon - you must seek medical attention immediately.


San Diego Skunk Pest Control and Removal

What damage do Skunks do?

Skunks dig holes in lawns and golf courses, eat garden produce, prey on poultry and waterfowl, damage beehives, den under buildings, are a host for rabies, and spray musk.


San Diego Opossum Pest Control and Removal

What damage do opossums do?

San Diego Opossums dig up our lawns and flower beds. They tear off siding, and enter out houses either through opens they have made them selves, or ones that the builder left open. Their main diet consists of grubs, rodents, trash, as  well as bugs, and insects. The fleas and ticks it carries can carry harmful parasites and disease. They tend to make homes in our attics and leave a large amount of urine, feces, and left over meals. These creatures have a pouch much like he kangaroo. And once the little ones are born, the grip onto moms fur and make their way  to the pouch to nurse.


San Diego Rodent Pest Control and Removal

What damage do Rats & Mice do?

Warning, Rodents have been know to start more than just one fire in San Diego , these creatures can create electrical fires. They also eat through the plumbing and ducting systems. Rodents tend to leave behind urine and feces. These substances are a major health hazard. And must be removed immediately. Roof rats can transmit diseases like the rabies, bubonic plague and typhus.  Roof rats will enter homes and buildings. They only need a hole the size of a quarter to gain entry.  They can climb walls and use utility lines and fences to travel from structure to structure. They enjoy living in high places, like attics, are their preference. Roof rats do not burrow in the ground or swim. Their favorite foods consist of  fruits, vegetables, nuts, pet food and invertebrates (spiders and worms, for example). They will also eat paper. Female roof rats can each have up to four litters a year, each containing five to eight young. In urban areas where they have no natural predators, the survival rate of the babies is high.



San Diego Rattlesnake Pest Control and Removal

What damage to Rattlesnakes do?

Rattlesnakes in San Diego County can pose a serious risk to small children, small animals, as well as to adults.  Rattlesnakes can bite through clothing and without warning.  Rattlesnakes can leave feces and animal remains.

If a person is ever bit by a rattlesnake - seek medical attention immediately by calling 911.  If you suspect your pet has been bit - get to a veterinarian immediately.


San Diego Snake Removal

What damage to Boa Constrictors do?

Boa constrictors can pose a risk to small animals such as cats, dogs, birds, or other pets.

Constrictors can leave feces and animal remains which can contain parasites and disease.

San Diego Pigeon Pest Control and Birds Removal

What damage do pigeons do?

San Diego is just like any other, maybe worse, the pigeon problems are not just in commercial areas such as ball parks, schools, and anywhere pigeons are feed by humans. But can also occur in or under your eves, the top of your roof, or any other area they may deem safe to roost. Fouling occurs where birds nest or roost. Apart from being unsightly, the acidic droppings can erode stonework resulting in costly long term damage. Gutters and drain pipes can become blocked causing flooding. Ladders and fire escapes can become coated with droppings, making them unsafe to use. Droppings can also cause havoc with AC units and electrical systems. 


San Diego Swallows - Nest Removal and Prevention

Swallow Nest Removal and PreventionWhat damage do swallows do?

Swallows make mud nests that damage and deface the  eaves  and walls and roof of residences, buildings, and bridges. This occurs during their build stage and during the brooding season. Once they attach their mud nests to the building or wall, using both soil and saliva, they continue to foul the surfaces below with their feces and parasites. The build up of feces will land on the wall, ground and anything nearby. Bird mites are yet another unsavory pest they bring with them.

THESE ARE PROTECTED BY THE LAW AND CANNOT BE REMOVED WITHOUT PERMIT. The law states that the mud nests cannot be disturbed until after September 1st.  Big fines up to 10,000 can be assessed against whomever disturbs them. Any nests left vacant will be soon be occupied by new tenants such as the common house sparrows.


San Diego Squirrel Pest Removal

What damage do squirrels do?

Squirrels in San Diego are notorious for being at the top of the Landscape Nuisance Chart. These Pests can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your precious landscape. They can also cause serious injury to people and pets.

The Ground Squirrels in San Diego County are cute,  overly friendly, and more then willing to eat your most prized foliage. These squirrels differ from Tree Squirrels in the that the Ground Squirrel lives in burrows they have dug in the ground.

Tree Squirrels live in Trees and possibly even your attic. That's right Your Attic! Tree squirrels have been known to dig through wood shingle roofs to make a safe haven for their young.


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